Buy original stone scupture, hand carved by Zoë Wilson

Geometric pattern which looks a little like a flower carved into dark grey welsh slate

Stone Carving

Zoë developed a fascination with hand carving geometric patterns into British stone.

During lockdown Zoë became aware of how important the process of carving was to her mental health.

‘The level of concentration required meant that I couldn’t think about anything else, it was like a form of meditation and gave me a complete break from the worries of life’

Zoë relishes the challenge that comes with striving for precision. Patience and a methodical approach is key. She only uses a traditional mallet and chisel which is another elment of the craft that she loves.

‘I feel such a connection to carvers of the past when I use the sample simple mallets and chisels which have been used for centuries. They’re such historic tools and formed some of our earliest ways of communicating.’

circular geometric pattern carved into smooth dark grey welsh slate
circular pattern carved into buff coloured Portland limestone
linear geometric pattern carved into dark grey Welsh slate

British Stone

After graduating from City and Guilds of London Art School with a first class diploma in Historic Stone Carving, Zoë moved to Southeast Asia for two years with her husband.

‘It was an amazing experience, living in the jungle, but at the same time I missed home no end’

On her return Zoë discovered a different connection with the British stone she was carving. Suddenly she felt linked to it in a way she hadn’t before.

‘I had this new appreciation of the material, it was from my roots, my bedrock.’

Zoë now almost exclusively carves British stones, her favourite is Welsh slate from a quarry not far from where she grew up. Read more about Zoë’s by clicking below

Why Geometry?

Zoë has always loved pattern and she found her time living in Southeast Asia inspirational.

Zoë started to experiment with geometry, which continues to be her biggest inspiration today.

‘Geometry relies on perfect accuracy to create intricate patterns. For me this means meticulous precision with the execution of carving. I relish the challenge of working accurately enough to create a piece which is satisfying to look at’

Carving relies on light and shadow to complete the work and bring it to life. As light moves across the stone with the passing of time, the shadows change but the pattern remains reassuringly constant.

Buff coloured sphere with cone shape carved into the centre. sitting on a rope ring
Red Sphere carved with a geometric pattern. It appears that a cone is coming out from the centre
Complex geometric pattern carved into a buff coloured sphere, sitting on a leather sand bag

Stone Spheres

Carved in Portland Limestone or Course Hill Scottish red sandstone these stone sphere are a delightful scuplture for inside or out.

Zoë became interested in experimenting with spherical geometry and the practical application of prescise geometry on a three dimensional form.

‘I wanted to further explore the viewers relationship with the carving when they are able to move around the object or hold it.’

Zoë enjoys watching the pattern emerge in a three-dimensional form as she’s carving it and seeing the relationships between the different planes develop


Commissioning Work

Whilst the carvings on this page are available to purchase, Zoë Also welcomes commissions. 

‘I love how a commission can pull you in a different direction and make you consider an idea differently’

Zoë feels that commissions help to keep her work fresh and help her to discover new directions and ideas.

“I see commissions as collaborations, a way for the client and I to create something completely unique for their space’

If you’re interested in discussing an idea or enquiring further about a commission please use the contact form to get in touch with Zoë

Buff coloured stone sphere with a geometric pattern carving into the stone
Red coloured sphere with a geometric pattern carved into it
Rings carved into a red stone sphere sitting on a leather sand bag

Studio Sale!

The work below is slightly older work which is currently in Zoë’s studio sale. Please click below to find out more about these pieces.

shallow relief carved monstera leaf in white marble with green painted surround
Organic pattern which looks like a flower hand carved in dark grey Welsh slate
Letter carving raised from the surface of the stone which reads 'Outside The Box'