Buy Art Prints by Zoë Wilson Carving

The Beauty of Carving

I adore carving and spend a great deal of time and care creating each sculpture. Often I find the process of selling my work carries a range of emotions. Whilst my favourite thing is for others to enjoy them, I’d also like to keep them all too!

I started documenting my carvings through photographs so I could still enjoy them and remember the work. I love seeing my pieces on the walls at home, so decided to make the prints available for others to buy and enjoy too.

There are 6 art prints currently available but I will keep adding to the collection. Keep scrolling down to see the prints and to find out more information about them.

Zoe in her studio smiling and looking at the camera with a mallet and chisel in hand

Art Print details

The art prints are A3 size with the same high quality you have come to expect from Zoë’s work. The image size is 23.3cm square with a shadow extending to around 1cm past this and a signature within that.

The art prints come unframed, delivered to you in a cardboard roll, ready for you to pin up or frame yourself.

They’re unlimited but signed and are a great affordable way to collect images of all of Zoë’s carvings.

International shipping available

Framing option

To keep these prints affordable they come unframed. They do however fit perfectly in the LOMVIKEN IKEA frame which is how I most like to frame them! You just need to trim the long sides so they fit in perfectly and then pop them straight in the frame to hang in your space.

Alternatively of course you could take them to your local framers and choose a mount and frame type to suit your interior.

Geometric Sculpture

Zoë Wilson creates satisfyingly precise geometric sculpture from her studio in Hampshire.