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About the Cast

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Limited edition Jesmonite Cast

12cm diameter


This Jesmonite cast is an exact scale replica of the original carving.

Once the carving was complete, a scan was taken of the sphere and used to print a scaled down 3d resin replica. It captured perfectly the textures of the smooth surface of the stone and the fine detail of every chisel hit.

The resin print was then used to produce a silicon rubber mould so that Jesmonite casts could be produced.

The colour of the Jesmonite cast matches the Portland Limestone of the original carving.

The casts can also be painted using Goldfarben paint which has been developed to match gold leaf in appearance.

Keep reading below to discover more about Jesmonite and GoldFarben Paints. 


 Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete. It consists of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin

Chosen for its ability to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish, and even the finest of detail. It can mimic the appearance of most materials such as stone, wood, leather and fabric.

It is strong and durable, can be pigmented to any colour and used to create decorative surface effects.




Goldfarben Ltd founder, Grant Penfield’s younger brother Craig tragically passed away in 2017. In conversation with Craig’s memorial mason, Grant realised the need for a bespoke gold paint that would look as good as gold leaf and withstand years of weathering without losing its brilliance, and a few years of development the result, Craig’s Gold!

Zoë has been working with Goldfarben for 3yrs after being approached to help test the paint. Her feedback helped develop a 23.5ct gold paint which is perfectly colour matched to gold leaf. Also trained in applying gold leaf Zoë now almost exclusively choses to use Goldfarben paints due to their ease of application, fantastic durability and outstanding depth of colour.