Taking a Breath –


The process of creating CONTEMPORARY Stone SCULPTURE


Below are images showing the making of ‘BREATH’

This was the second piece I hand carved during the Covid pandemic lockdown. I was looking forward to carving it, partly because Welsh slate is one of my favourite types of stone to work with but also because it became increasingly apparent to me how much I value being able to create and how much I love it.

The naming of my work is often linked to the overriding feeling or thought I have whilst I’m creating it. With this piece it was to do with the process involved with making it. Carving away at such a complex geometric design required my complete concentration. As a result I found this to be a great source of relaxation, and escapism from the lockdown situation. It gave me a little time to take a breath.

It will be available to buy from my shop soon, along with plaster casts of it. Click here to look at other work available to buy.

Circular geometric pattern carved into dark grey slate