Welcome to my Studio Sale!


I’m brimming with new ideas at the moment, and need some more room for incoming stone. With this in mind I decided to have a little studio tidy up and a sale! The pieces on this page are all lovingly carved, just a little older.

If you’re considering purchasing a piece I’m very happy to answer any questions you may have or send you additional photographs. These pieces will be sold on a first come basis though, once they’re gone, their gone!

I offer to cover 50% of UK shipping on Sale items, whilst I am happy to ship internationally it will be at the full expense of the purchaser. (I am happy to get a quote for your delivery prior to your purchase)

Cube Triptych

three buff coloured square stones with circular carved patterns in the centre.

Hand carved in Portland stone. Each piece is 300mm square and 20mm thick. I carved this work in 2020 when playing with geometric patterns and shadow. The patterns in these pieces change as the ligth moves across them.



shallow relief carved monstera leaf in white marble with green painted surround

The subtle undulating leaf is carved into Italian white marble, the detail is picked up when light passes across it.

The surrounding surface of the stone is painted with acrylic and varnish to give a slightly translucent finish. Hand carved lettering is gilded to finish. This carving is framed with fixing in the back ready for haning.



Organic pattern looking a little like flowers, which repeats across the surface. Carved into a piece of dark grey smooth slate.

Hand carved Slate. This is a Zentagle pattern which started off as a little doodle in my sketchbook.

I’ve always loved patterns, it was around the time of carving this piece that I was starting to experiment with geomery.  I really love this pattern, I carved it whilst living in Brunei in the heat of the rainforest!  



Letter carving raised from the surface of the stone which reads 'Outside The Box'

A fun piece of letter carving experimenting with form and raised carving. This is carved into a piece of Portland limestone. I removed the background so it apears to be standing proud of the stone, with a hand tooled surface on the background.

Always think outside the box!


Art Prints 

Art Prints are also available to buy for £45 each.