Hand Carved Stone Artwork

All the work featured on this page is available to buy. My carvings come with hanging fixings already in the back of the work, making it really easy to hang in your space.

Should you need any more help I’m always happy to provide any extra support.

I’m also having a Winter Studio Sale for February and March with a 25% discount on some of my work.

New Work

 I have recently started making plaster casts of my carvings which are available to buy framed or unframed, painted or unpainted. I will be adding more once the company I use for casting materials is back up and running following the Covid lockdown. These can be seen on my gallery page. Whilst the pieces here are available to buy now, I also love commissions so please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke project with me.

Wooden Framed white plaster cast hanging on a plane wall


Plaster Cast of Pyramids – Framed

Taken from the original hand carved geometric pattern in Welsh slate, this plaster cast is framed in ash wood.

400 x 400 x 40mm


Decorative geometric pattern carved into slate and painted two shades of blue with enamel paint



The original hand carved geometric pattern in Welsh slate, this piece has also been painted with enamel.

390 x 390 x 45mm


Carved Pattern which looks like sequins overlapping in Portuguese Limestone


 Hand carved shallow relief geometric pattern in Portuguese limestone, 

 380 x 380 x 35mm


Paper pressed into the stone carving to make a raised embossing. Pattern is a geometric shape based on a diamond

All That Glitters

Hand made paper embossing taken from a geometric carving in white marble.

320 x 320 x 20mm

£130 Framed

(£90 unframed)


White plaster cast of geometric pattern painted in yellow and blue enamel paint

Pyramids Cast

Taken from hand-carved geometric pattern, this plaster cast has also been hand painted with enamel.

(Can be painted in colours to suit your specific design, please contact me to discuss this  further)

390 x 390 x 20mm


shallow relief carved monstera leaf in white marble with green painted surround


Painted Italian white marble with hand carved leaf and gilded carved lettering

550 x 550 x 25mm

25% SALE!

(for February and March only!)

£2,700 £2,025


Geometric pattern carving into cream limestone


Hand-carved geometric pattern on a limestone floor tile

400 x 400 x 20mm



Zentangle doodle carving into Welsh Slate


Hand-carved pattern in Welsh slate

320 x 430 x 45mm

25% SALE!

(for February and March only!)

£1,200 £900


Raised letter carving reading 'Outside the Box' in a buff coloured limestone


Hand-carved raised lettering in Portland Limestone

250 x 500 x 50mm



Quote carved in slate reading, We need more of the things which are unseen


Hand-carved letter carving in Welsh slate

400 x 400 x 45mm



Geometric pattern carved in white marble and painted in dark purple

Interlocking Triangles

Hand-carved in Italian white marble and painted with acrylic and varnish.

340 x 650 x 25mm

25% SALE!

(for February and March only!)

£1,290 £968

Bow carving in Bath stone


Hand carved bow study in Bath stone

230 x 250 x 140mm

25% SALE!

(for February and March only!)

£525 £394

White Plaster cast taken from Pyramids, which was originally carved in slate

Pyramids Cast

White plaster cast taken from Pyramids

390 x 390 x 20mm



Hand carved geometric pattern in a buff colour Portland limestone


Hand carved Portuguese limestone geometric pattern

180 x 180 x 25mm

Winter Studio Sale!


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