Keeping the Momentum

How Covid stopping play on an exciting opportunity has lead to a new sense of freedom!  

Dissapointing News

I’ve recently heard that the very exciting exhibition, mentioned in my last blog, which I was hugely looking forward to being a part of had dissapointingly been cancelled beacuse of coronavirus. I knew there was a real possibility that might not go ahead so I tried not to get too excited about it, but we all know it’s virtually impossibly not to get excited about things!

Keeping The Momentum 

Initially I was a little concerned that feeling a bit deflated would squash the buzz I had about work. Recently I’ve been enjoying the feeling of some momentum building in the business. However I think because I was concerned about that virtually the opposite has happened!

I feel so much more relaxed without a big deadline looming on the horizon! This means that ideas are flowing more easily and there seems to be space for so many other exciting things.

Number 31 had carved in dark grey welsh slate by Zoe Wilson

I’ve had time to finish a few lovely house number commissions

Exciting New Beginnings

For the first time ever the business has been able to afford me the luxury of employing someone else to do some work for me! I’ve got three recent carving at a mould makers in south Shropshire who will then pass them onto a casting company.

Not having to do this element myself is hugely exciting. I am not a mould maker but have dabbled in the past, and whilst I would love to have the time to learn to do it properly, employing someone who’s a master at it feels much more comfortable.

So shortly I’ll hopefully be able to offer casts of my last three carvings, with the plan of getting a mould of each new carving made when I finish them.

A greeen moul reshly made for Zoe Wilson by Articole Studios

The mould of Breath, in all its green glory!

made by the wonderful Articole Studios

The Business Plan

Due to the carving process being so time consuming, the ability to sell casts as well as the original makes it a much more viable business plan. It’s also allows me to sell the casts at a more affordable price making my work available to a wider audience.

I’m hugely excited about this prospect, it feels like a great avenue to follow and also really helps me personally keep progressing my business forwards and helping it grow.

New Items in the Shop!

I haven’t yet settled on a price point for the casts, it’s a surprisingly expensive process! I have chosen to have them cast in a substance called Jesmonite which gives an amazing finish and is incredibly strong, but is quite pricey. As soon as I have the first few made I’ll pop them on my shop, hopefully in time for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled!


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