Instagram Masterclass

Join stone carving social influencer, Zoë Wilson and her digital marketing mentor, Melissa Critchley from Wildcurrant Marketing for a masterclass.

Zoë and Melissa gave an hour long masterclass to help others on their digital marketing journey.

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Melissa and Zoe Smiling at the camera for a selfie the first time they were able to meet in person

Since starting my Instagram business page in 2020 I have worked with Melissa Critchley from Wildcurrant Marketing, I often refer to her as my digital marketing Guru!

She has held my hand through the whole journey and helped me build both a successful website and a very successful Instagram account, with around 161k followers today.

We wanted to give you an insight into how I run my account, so together we gave an hour long Instagram Masterclass in January 2023 which maintains its relevance today.

Packed full of practical hints and tips we discuss my favourite app for planning the split photos on my wall and how I decide what content to create. We look at how I choose which reels to create and some clever tips on storing ideas. I share with you how I built up my followers and what impact this increased audience has meant to my business.

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Photo of Zoe and Melissa with nearly matching shoes and gingham skirts on

Clearly Melissa and I were destined to work together!