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front cover of the We Are makers publication


Zoë and her work has been featured in publications such as ‘We Are Makers’, Freelancer Magazine and the Zine

Zoë is alwasy happy to be interviewed or answer specific questions by email, on the phone or in person.

However she also has some preprepared questions and answers if speed is of the essence! If you require images please contact Zoë who will happily send a range over for you to chose from.

Brand Partners

With nearly 140K followers on instgram Zoë enjoys working with Brand partners especially those championing british craftsmanship.

Recently Zoë worked with new clothing brand Damsons as one of their pioneers. The interview and photographs are one their webiste and Zoë also helped promote the brand to her followers.

Other brands have included Sipsmith Gin, John Smedley Knitwear and Arbor Garden solutions.

If you’d ike to be considered for a partnership or advertising campaign please contact Zoë by clicking on the button below.

Zoe holding a stone sphere with a damson branded sweatshirt on
Zoe Standing on a film set next to a workbench with a light in the background


Not so well known, but Zoë spen the first 16yrs of her life training as a ballet dancer! She regularly competed on stage in local and national competitions. Not fased by nerves or being in the spot light has been excellent training for working infront of the camera.

She is also very happy speaking live infront of an audience or cameras.

Zoë was the stone carving teacher on the first season of the Princes Master Crafters on Sky Arts, where she taught 6 students to carve an Ivy leaf.

Zoë has really enjoyed this variety of work and is something she would like to do more of.

Please contact Zoë by clicking the button below to discuss any ideas or opportunities