I thought I should write a quick informal hello from me!

Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit my website and to read my blogs. Being dyslexic I never imagined I’d be happily blogging away, but it’s amazing what you can achieve with spell checker and predictive text!

A bit about me

I’m Zoë, and I’m a stone carver. (Always sounds a little like the beginning of an AA meeting!)

My husband Phil and I together with our 18 month old son Hugo all moved to Aberdeen in July 2019

We moved up here from Salisbury for Phil’s work, the only other people we knew in Aberdeen before we moved were my Mum’s cousin and his wife. It might sound like a big move, but believe me it was nothing compared with the one in 2016 which involved moving to the jungle six million miles away from home!

view of a house against a stormy sky

Our neightbours house in Brunei just before a thunderstorm 

Now we live in town in a pretty granite terrace, with a neat little back garden, which houses my lovely workshop and is where I spend as much time as possible.

I won’t tell you all about how I came to be a stone carver, you can read that in my about pages if you’re interested, but it is an absolute love and passion of mine. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to carve as a career and I’m working really hard at the moment on becoming a more well rounded business woman as well as craftsman.

There are so many different roles to fulfill when running your own business and I feel I’ve only more recently started seeing myself as a business woman (I’ve got an 80’s power jacket image in my head!)

So, I’m going to try and pop on every week or so and discuss my ideas, things that I’m working on, highlights, lowlights, achievements, disappointments and everything in between!

Why not join me and find out what it’s like to be a stone carver!



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