I’m passionate about carving, my happiest place is in my workshop chipping away.

I’ve developed a fascination for carving complex geometric patterns, making the traditional craft of stone carving an accessible choice for interior and exterior artwork.

Have a look through the images below to see how my work has developed and changed over the years.

Red sandstone sphere carved with a geometric pattern
Buff coloured stone sphere with a geometric pattern carving into the stone
red sandstone sphere carved
stone sphere with a cone shape carved out
Hand Carved circular geometric pattern in dark grey welsh slate
Geometric pattern which looks a little like a flower carved into dark grey welsh slate
Rings carved into a red stone sphere sitting on a leather sand bag
Complex geometric pattern carved into a buff coloured sphere, sitting on a leather sand bag
Light coloured cast of a geometric carving hanging on the wall above a chest of drawers
Linear geometric pattern carved into stone
Light coloured cast sitting on a kitchen shelf with tea pots and recipe books
Circular geometric pattern carved into dark grey slate
linear geometric pattern carved into dark grey Welsh slate
Angular geometric pattern carved into dark grey slate.
Circular geometric patter carved into dark grey welsh slate
geometric pattern which looks like little pyramids carving in a buff coloured limestone
Hand carved geometric pattern which looks like pyramids, in a buff limestone framed with an oak
Hand carved geometric pattern in a buff colour Portland limestone
Carved Pattern which looks like sequins overlapping in Portuguese Limestone
Simple hexagon carved into a buff coloured stone
geometric pattern in shallow relief, carved in stone
Very decorative and elaborately carved shield, with scrolls and leaves growing around the outside.
Study of an acanthus leaf carved
Zentangle doodle carving into Portland Limestone
Carved bath towel drapery study
framed geometric pattern carved in white marble and gilded
stone carved to look like a rope knot
Capital carved in limestone
Gargoyle of an Eagle protecting her nest, for St Georges Chapel, Windsor
Zentangle doodle carving into Welsh Slate
Quote, We need more of the things that are unseen, carved into dark grey slate
Family crest of a Martlet on top of a purse carved in stone
Grid pattern carved into white marble and a flowing blue, turquoise and pink painted pattern.
Mother and Babies head modelling in shallow relief and cast in white plaster
Army air Corps insignia of an Eagle in the middle of a laurel leaf crest, cast in bronze
Portrait of my father modelled in clay and cast in bronze
Decorative piece carved into white marble.
Outside The Box carving in raised lettering so it stands proud of the stone
transcription of a still life painting into a shallow relief modelling
Triangle pattern carved into white marble and painted triangles in dark purple

Buying Work

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