I try and post blogs around once a month, to keep you updated with what’s going on in my carving world! Sometimes it’s to do with my work, other times life and sometimes random things which I’ve been thinking about whilst carving!

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How I Became a Stone Carver

How I Became a Stone Carver

Stone Carving certainly didn't feature in my school career advice, or run in the family! Keep reading to find out how I got involved and how serendipitous my career has been!Where It All BeganWay back in 2007 I completed a degree in fine art and moved back home to...

Working With John Smedley

Working With John Smedley

In 2019 I became a John Smedley brand ambassador to help celebrate their 235th anniversary. Amazinginly this makes them the oldest manufacturing company in the world. Carry on reading to find out more about this wonderful experience.Brand Ambassador 2019 marked the...

Keeping The Momentum

How Covid stopping play on an exciting opportunity has lead to a new sense of freedom!  Dissapointing NewsI’ve recently heard that the very exciting exhibition, mentioned in my last blog, which I was hugely looking forward to being a part of had dissapointingly been...

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