Living in Hampshire with my husband and son, I spend as much time as possible sculpting in my lovely studio at Houghton Lodge Gardens.

Over many years I have accumulated a broad range of skills all of which make up a unique dexterity for my craft.

I find adding to those skills helps to keep me inspired and excited by what I do. I think the passion for creating is a very deeply rooted part of me and my sculpting and carving is my outlet for that. Carry on reading to find out what inspires me and more about my background and training or visit my blog page to find out about life as a stone carver. Alternatively visit my Exhibitions and Awards page to see where I’ve exhibited recently and to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Zoë Wilson and friends on bikes outside a leather workshop in Hot An, Vietnam

Living in Asia

I lived in South East Asia for two years with my husband. Whilst work was certainly challenging at times, it allowed me the time to consider what interested me as an artist. I was exposed to a wonderfully diverse culture and environment, extraordinary carving and wonderful Islamic patterns.

I developed a fascination for carving complicated geometric patterns. It’s a fantastic challenge, perfect accuracy is needed and meticulous precision required. The chisel marks in the finished piece show the presence of the maker, leaving a little legacy with each mark. You can read more about my travels in my blog 

This photo was such a happy moment! We visited Hoi An, Vietnam, with friends and had the most wonderful holiday. We’re in front of a leather workshop where my friends bought me a custom made apron for work. I wear it nearly every day!


Following my degree in fine art, I stumbled across an opportunity working with stone. I didn’t realise at the time but it was the beginning of my new career.

For over 10 years I grounded myself in mastering the basics of stone masonry and utilising my artistry to become an expert in lettering and precision carving. As well as two apprenticeships, I completed a three-year diploma in Historic Stone Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School.

During my carving diploma I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) a charity that supports the continuation of traditional British crafts. QEST’s interest in my work and support of my studies helped me gain confidence to develop my skills further. To be selected into their family of British craftsmen was a huge honour.

Now settled back in the UK, my creative passion still lies in working with natural stone. I want to share my fascination for carving complex geometric patterns and show how the age-old craft of stone carving can bridge the gap into art. Where possible I choose British stones, with Welsh slate being one of my favourites.

Certificated from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust awarding Zoe Barnett a scholarship


Please click on the pieces below to see photos the carving process from start to finish. If you’d like to see what Zoë is curently working on then please click on the social media links at the bottom of the page.

Angular geometric pattern carved into dark grey slate.

Building Pyramids


This was the first carving I make when returning from living abroad. To me this one feels like the start of my new series. I’ve taken a mould and I’m making plaster casts, which are available to buy from my shop.

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linear geometric pattern carved into dark grey Welsh slate

Making Peace

I started designing Peace at the beginning of the Covid pandemic lockdown. It was such a wonderfully absorbing restful piece to carve I gave it the name Peace.

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Circular geometric pattern carved into dark grey slate

Taking a Breath


After having enjoyed carving Peace so much I moved straight onto carving Breath. I was already thinking about it before finishing the last piece. I think the curves were an antidote to the straight lines!

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